Who wants a strapless bra that actually works: Wonderbra revolutionary ‘magic hands’ design underwear

July 6, 2016

Are you dusting down your strapless dress as your thinking about the Christmas/new year bash? Many women will be and showing off their summer tanned shoulders at Xmas dinners and parties.

But, keeping the assets in place can be difficult as conventional strapless bras can and do head south after a good session on the dance floor or even just a brisk stroll.

But now help is at hand with Wonderbra’s revolutionary Ultimate Strapless bra which promises to stay up as long you don’t fall over using “magic hands” technology.


Wonderbra spent two years researching and developing the technology with Cambridge-based innovators, as well as spending hundreds of hours in testing to create the ‘hands’, which are invisible from the outside.

‘We conducted a comprehensive series of tests with real girls, which included dancing, bending, stretching and jumping, all designed to put the bra through its paces,’ said Julia Nolan of Wonderbra.

‘This unique technology lifts the weight of the bust, supports and gives a trusted Wonderbra cleavage. We have created a ground-breaking garment giving women the perfect solution to the age old strapless bra problem,’.

The following products incorporate this technology:

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