Westerly Port Hole Window Hinges

March 22, 2017


Westerly Window Hinge

This is a replacement Westerly 33 window hinge including 316 stainless screw, nut and spring.

We are currently developing the manufacturing and testing process for these hinges due to demand.

  • The hinge will be manufactured with a carbon fibre reinforced nylon composite material which is very strong.
  • The hinge will fit a westerly 33 standard small window port.
  • The hinge design will be load/ break tested to ensure the design is an improvement on the original.

Please register any interest in purchasing a (hinge kit) by emailing/ messaging this site or sending an email to trevor_smith1@btconnect.com or ring +44(0)1430335047.

This blog was posted on 22/10/2017

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