Which sports bra do I need?

October 21, 2017

Have you ever wanted to buy a sports bra butĀ found so many styles and ranges?


Well thanks to “Shock Absorber”, the number 1 sports bra brand, there’s now a chart to show you which sports bra ranges suit which sport to make it easier for you.


  • The “Ultimate Run” range is specifically designed for running, making this the perfect bra for jogging and sprinting.
  • The ” Active Multi Sports Support” is designed for numerous sports, especially high intensity activities. Cycling, Aerobics, Horse Riding, Hockey, Netball, Racket Sports and Dance are the listed sports for this range.
  • The “Active D+ Classic Support” range is similar to the Multi Sports bra, but with less activities. This is the bra designed for Aerobics, Horse Riding, Hockey, Netball and Racket Sports.
  • The “Active Classic Support” which, again, is designed for less sports than the Multi Sports bra. This time the bra is designed for sports such as Hockey, Netball, Racket Sports and Netball.
  • The “Active Shaped Support” range covers a few new different sports. This bra is designed for Aerobics, Racket Sports, Weight Training, Golf, Dance and Martial Arts.
  • The “Active Zipped Plunge” comes with a front opening zip. This bra is designed for low intensity sports such as Cycling, Yoga, Floorwork and Martial Arts.

We understand the majority of you reading this just want to loose a few pounds after a cheat week. Well the “Ultimate Run” sports bras are perfect for helping lose a few pounds!

We sell a wide range of Shock Absorber sport bras. To view each range listed above, click on the text in bold.